As an introduction to what’s happening in the Minneapolis music scene today, you can definitely do worse than the April Fools’ THIRD. —Darren Tracy, Zachary Mule: An Emporium of Enlightening Epistles 11/12/2019
"[U]na obra multifacética llena de matices y con una excelente producción, donde el lirismo y la muy personal voz bowieniana del compositor Brian Drake es magnificamente secundada por arreglos instrumentales exhuberantes y convincentes, a la par enérgicos que armónicos." —ROCKGARDENER1, Rooted Sounds 03/21/2018
"Colorwheel is an album that covers a wide array of genres in a well-packaged offering, in many ways serving as a homage to the respected bands of the previous era." —Shivasharan M, Musicperk 03/07/2018
"The April Fools album is an eclectic tour-de-force that draws on [Brian Drake's] early affinity for 'California cosmic country' and singer-songwriters as well as later influences from the 1980s, like Elvis Costello and Warren Zevon." —Randy Erickson, La Crosse Tribune 11/18/2016
—Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune 04/24/2015
"[T]here's something just so perfect about how everything's put together on [The April Fools’] self-titled debut that just makes it sound like one of those gorgeous singer-songwriter albums from the late 70s that you stumble across in a record store and fall madly, staggeringly in love with." —Jon Hunt, l'etoile Magazine 04/22/2015