Combining 90’s indie Rock, 60’s psychedelic rock, outlaw country and a sprinkling of jazz, The April Fools create a mind-bending soundscape that defies easy classification. —Brian Rock, TJ Magazine 04/01/2022
The overall album blends genres very well, while having different voices as the main narrator for each song.   Each song differs in tempo with unique styles, while presenting vivid stories to keep you entertained.   The project is well balanced and arranged in a manner that makes the project a thrilling ride. —, Flyah Magazine 01/29/2022
As an introduction to what’s happening in the Minneapolis music scene today, you can definitely do worse than the April Fools’ THIRD. —Darren Tracy, Zachary Mule: An Emporium of Enlightening Epistles 11/12/2019
"[U]na obra multifacética llena de matices y con una excelente producción, donde el lirismo y la muy personal voz bowieniana del compositor Brian Drake es magnificamente secundada por arreglos instrumentales exhuberantes y convincentes, a la par enérgicos que armónicos." —ROCKGARDENER1, Rooted Sounds 03/21/2018
"Colorwheel is an album that covers a wide array of genres in a well-packaged offering, in many ways serving as a homage to the respected bands of the previous era." —Shivasharan M, Musicperk 03/07/2018
"The April Fools album is an eclectic tour-de-force that draws on [Brian Drake's] early affinity for 'California cosmic country' and singer-songwriters as well as later influences from the 1980s, like Elvis Costello and Warren Zevon." —Randy Erickson, La Crosse Tribune 11/18/2016
—Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune 04/24/2015
"[T]here's something just so perfect about how everything's put together on [The April Fools’] self-titled debut that just makes it sound like one of those gorgeous singer-songwriter albums from the late 70s that you stumble across in a record store and fall madly, staggeringly in love with." —Jon Hunt, l'etoile Magazine 04/22/2015