Welcome to Our New Members: Brad McLemore and Terri Owens!

Big news from The April Fools!

It's been hard to keep this under our hats, and now, here it is. On Sunday 11/19, the day after our smash CD release bash at The Hook & Ladder, Clay Williams told us he was leaving the band. We were stunned and sorry to hear the news but we all respected his decision. No gossip, no drama, no acrimony—we loved every single note we played over our four years together and we made two records that we're very proud of. We wish Clay all the best with all his current and future endeavors.

Things change—people come and people go as a matter of routine in the world of Rock and Roll—and life rolls on. If you're in it for real, you simply pick up and move forward. And, that's what we did.

We're very pleased to introduce our two new members: Dallas, TX transplant and guitarist/vocalist extraordinaire, Brad McLemore; and the beautiful and crazy-talented Minneapolis veteran (Flamin' Oh's, Tetes Noire, and more) Terri Owens, on guitar, mandolin, and vocals. They are both killer performers, singers, and writers. We knew exactly who we wanted and were beyond thrilled when they both enthusiastically said "yes!" After our first rehearsal it was pretty obvious we all made the right choice—and you'll get to hear us on 12/28 at the Aster Cafe in Minneapolis.

You're gonna dig it. We promise.