Planetary Group Radio Campaign - Week 8 Report

Radio programmers.

We knew it was inevitable, but our Planetary Group radio campaign has come to an end. However, we're still seeing adds and steady airplay at radio stations across the country; and, if the past 8 weeks are any indication, we expect some forward momentum to continue beyond the contracted reporting window.

Overall, almost 140 stations reported the addition of our debut album to their on-air libraries. Among those, over 75 reported airplay, and nearly 40 reported medium airplay or better, including WMUR in Milwaukee, WI; WLJS in Jacksonville, AL; WGMU in Fairfax, VA; WBSR in Providence, RI; KNDS in Fargo, ND; WXUT in Toledo, OH; and WVOF in Fairfield, CT.

Additionally, 3 stations reported the record as charting: KMNR in Rolla, MO, where the record peaked at #9 on their chart, along with WCNI in New London, CT (#10) and WMTS in Murfreesboro, TN (#27).

Although it will still take some time to truly measure the success of this project, we do know that we now have a national presence that we likely wouldn't have had for many years, if ever, without the campaign. We're also very encouraged by the reception we've received in a market that gets more crowded, picky, trend-oriented, and fickle every day. So even if it has yet to translate into something more tangible, we know that our music is being heard and people are digging it—an incredibly satisfying outcome to the risk of putting it out there.