Planetary Group Radio Campaign - Week 6 Report

Radio mixing board.

The results are in from week 6 of our Planetary Group radio campaign and we're still seeing steady forward movement. We continue to receive light and medium airplay at nearly 60 stations across the U.S., including WSKB in Westfield, MA; WUSO in Springfield, OH; WSUW in Whitewater, WI; KAOS in Olympia, WA; WFCS in New Britain, CT; WCFM in Williamstown, MA; WMUR in Milwaukee, WI; KWDG in Dillon, MT; WKCO in Gambier, OH; and WSHL in North Easton, MA.

We also gained a few more adds this week from stations like WCWM in Williamsburg, VA; KBVR in Corvallis, OR; WSBU in St. Bonaventure, NY; WECI in Richmond, IN; WNYO in Oswego, NY; and WOUB in Athens, OH; including these newcomers, we've been added to on-air libraries at just over 100 stations so far!