Planetary Group Radio Campaign - Week 4 Report

Radio listeners.

We're officially halfway through our radio campaign and the good news continues on.

This week we picked up 10 more adds across the country: WIUP in Indiana, PA; KRLX in Northfield, MN; WRFW in River Falls, WI; WBSR in Providence, RI; KAPU in Azusa, CA; KRNL in Mt. Vernon, IA; KSAU in Nacogdoches, TX; KCSC in Chico, CA; WDWN in Auburn, NY; and WHCL in Clinton, NY.

We've also seen increased airplay at another 9 stations, including KAOS in Olympia, WA, which we like to think would make Roger Waters proud.

As always, we send our sincere thanks to all of the program directors, DJs, and listeners who have helped make this project such a success for us.