Gram Parsons Hologram Added As Special Guest for Tonight's Aster Cafe Performance

Gram Parsons.

We've been posting a lot of news lately about the surprisingly positive response to our radio promotion campaign; it's gone so well, in fact, that we've amassed quite a windfall due to the increased Spotify streaming of our debut album. But where most other bands would use that financial gain to invest in a touring van, recording equipment, or some other practical purchase, we've chosen a more immediately impactful option.

Inspired by the recent trend of high-profile hologram performances by deceased artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Elvis Presley, we've contracted for a virtual version of country-rock legend Gram Parsons to join us as a special guest at our Aster Cafe show tonight.

However, this is no mere "HoloGram Parsons". Advances in hologram technology have made it possible for us to create parts for our original songs—sung and played in Parsons' style—to effectively recreate the experience of him actually sitting in with us. We've also used what money was leftover to commission matching Nudie Cohn suits for each member of the band.

We hope you will join us tonight for this once-in-a-lifetime experience—it would be foolish to miss it.