Third album cover.

Our third album, and first to feature Brad McLemore and Terri Owens.

Release Date 

Recorded at Blackberry Way Studios, Minneapolis, MN. Produced and engineered by Michael Owens.

Band photo: Jim Vazquez. CD design: Violet Carlon.

Mastered by Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK.

Band Members 

Brian Drake – vocals / guitars | Scott Hreha – bass guitar | Ben Kaplan – drums / percussion / vocals | Brad McLemore – guitars / vocals | Terri Owens – guitars / mandolin / vocals.

Guest Musicians 

Glenn Manske – keyboards on "Long Shadows", "If I Can't Make Her Happy", "My Back Pages", "Summer Sun Redux".

Track Listing 
  1. Bell Of Stone (4:03)
  2. Long Shadows (4:51)
  3. Bus Stop (3:14)
  4. Shaky Ground (3:10)
  5. If I Can't Make Her Happy (2:18)
  6. My Back Pages (3:41)
  7. You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast (2:55)
  8. Summer Sun Redux (4:25)
  9. 15 Minutes (6:03)

"Bell Of Stone", "If I Can't Make Her Happy", "Summer Sun Redux" written by Brian Drake © BMI 2019.

"Long Shadows", "15 Minutes" written by Brad McLemore © BMI 2019.

"Shaky Ground" written by Terri Owens © BMI 2019.

"My Back Pages" written by Bob Dylan © Special Rider Music.

"Bus Stop" written by Graham Gouldman © Schubert Music Publishing, Inc. & Bramsdene Music Corp.

"You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast" written by Julie Anne Miller © BMG Bumblebee.